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Thoughtful Gifts To Say That You Care

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At Life’s Little Recipes, we’re all about sentimental and thoughtful gifts filled with love and recognition! Our ‘Recipe’ gift bags are perfect for marking a special occasion or connecting with someone going through a tough time.

Our E-cards, sustainable alternatives to traditional greetings cards, always create memorable moments. We’re the home of Unimole & Friends. Stories starring the magical mole are ideal for both the young and the young at heart. Unimole is now also a soft plush toy teddy and ready for a big hug!

Don’t forget, handwritten messages, luxury wrapping and delivery are free of charge. Thanks for stopping by!

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Free First Class Royal Mail Delivery on All Orders Over £20

Also, check out our new Unimole & Friends Plush and 4 illustrated stories in the ‘Unimole Tails’ series

Unique Gifts
Thoughtful gifts

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It can be a challenge to find unique, sentimental gifts for family, friends, colleagues and teachers. Take a look at our lovely “Recipe Bags”, perfect for every occasion – from Birthdays to Weddings, and from Good Luck Wishes and Thank Yous to just saying “I Care”. 

Thoughtful Gifts - Friendship Gift - Lifes Little Recipes

Thoughtful Friendship Gift


Thoughtful Gifts - Good Luck Gift - Lifes Little Recipes

A Small Good Luck Gift


Thoughtful Gifts - Thank You Gift - Lifes Little Recipes

The Little Thank You Recipe


Thoughtful Gifts - Wedding Gift - Lifes Little Recipes

A Little Thoughtful Wedding Gift


All of our products are also available on our Amazon Store.

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‘Thinking of you’ thoughtful gift bags
for every occasion

Thoughtful Gifts - Flower Divider - Life's Little Recipes

We have created a wide range of ‘Recipe’ gift bags for an ever-growing list of sentiments & occasions, our thoughtful gifts are lovingly designed to share your message.

Everyone has their own unique reason for wanting to reach out and we will take great care in sending your ‘Recipe’ so your friend or loved one can feel recognised and cared for. If you are seeking a unique and thoughtful way to connect with friends and loved ones, please have a look at our collection of ‘Recipes’ for sentimental gift ideas. Each ‘Recipe’ bag contains six small gifts, or ‘ingredients’ – each with their own thoughtful meaning written in the included little ‘Recipe’ card.

To make a more luxurious and memorable experience, you can have your thoughtful gifts sent in a presentation box with the tissue paper of your choice. If you would like to include a personal handwritten message, then we will happily write that for you.

Gift Bags

Gift Bags

Hard Times
Gift Bags

Gift Bags

For Hers
Gift Bags

For Him
Gift Bags

Greetings Cards

Gift Bags

Sentimental Greeting Cards to Show You Care

Thoughtful Gifts & Sentimental Gifts - Flower Divider - Life's Little Recipes

We are so excited to share our own range of Greetings Cards! To send with one of our thoughtful gifts, share your special messages in one of our fun greeting cards.

With Life’s Little Recipes you have the opportunity to show your friends or loved ones that you’ve taken the time and care to think about that special someone and write your very own thoughtful message. Make their day and watch a smile grow on their face as you send a greeting card along with one of our recipes. Whether they’ve just moved house, or you just want to tell them you love them, Life’s Little Recipes can help send a thoughtful message.

Thoughtful Gifts & Sentimental Gifts - Greeting Cards - Lifes Little Recipes

Unimole & Friends

Thoughtful Gifts & Sentimental Gifts - Unimole & Friends - Life;s Little Recipes

Here at Life’s Little Recipes, we’re very excited about an inspiring new edition to our family. Unimole is a wonderfully kind, magical mole who’s here to bring us a much-needed reminder of how special and loved each one of us is. We’d love it if you’d explore Unimole’s new website, where you’ll discover amazingly animated personalisable E-cards, the softest of soft Unimole soft toy, wonderful Unimole resources for children and a library of charming short stories ‘Unimole Tails’.
At Life’s Little Recipes, we’re on a mission to spread positivity in our world.
So, why not join Unimole on her quest to brighten the lives of children and adults alike?

Thoughtful Gifts & Sentimental Gifts - Meet Unimole & Friends - Lifes Little Recipes

Meaningful & sentimental gift delivery
Why Choose Us?

Thoughtful Gifts - Flower Divider - Life's Little Recipes

Unique Gift Bags

A 'Recipe' gift bag for every occasion and sentiment, a unique way to send and express your thoughtfulness.

Beautifully Wrapped

How about luxury gift wrapping? Choose the option to have your 'Recipe' bag presented in a lovely gift box. A unique gifting experience!

A Personalised Gift

Send your own personalised message that will be handwritten on a card and included with your gift or 'Recipe' gift bag.

A+ Customer Service

Your feelings are incredibly important to us so we will be fully focussed on giving you, your friend or loved one the best gifting experience possible!

Highly Recommended

With a five star ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot, you can be assured of the high quality of our 'Recipe' gift bags and customer service.

Free Delivery

All our 'Recipe' gift bags are shipped to you with no charge for delivery, whether you order just one or place a bulk order.

Latest news & posts
Our Life’s Little Blog

Thoughtful Gifts & Sentimental Gifts - Flower Divider - Life's Little Recipes

Our Little Life Story

Thoughtful Gifts & Sentimental Gifts - Flower Divider - Life's Little Recipes

Taking inspiration from my own life experience, which has included a career in nursing and practising as a psychotherapy counsellor, I created Life’s Little Recipes with the belief that people need to be recognised and to be loved. Our humble beginnings started by selling our thoughtful and caring ‘Recipe’ gifts bags on Amazon in 2017. Throughout our journey we have focussed on ‘why are we doing this?’ We believe that we all want to be recognised and loved. Our thoughtful gifts and e-Cards enable people to reach out and connect with each other and say what we honestly feel, with a little fun too! It’s all about the love and we simply love what we do!

Fiona Thomas – Founder

What our customers have to say
Our Reviews

Thoughtful Gifts & Sentimental Gifts - Flower Divider - Life's Little Recipes

We thank everyone who has left such lovely and kind feedback regarding our ‘Recipe’ bags, thoughtful gifts and the customer service we provide. We thought we’d share this feedback with you, and let our previous customers and recipients tell you their thoughts in their own words. 

Thoughtful Gifts & Sentimental Gifts-Amazon-Small-Business-Awards-Life's Little Recipes

Life’s Little Recipes was shortlisted for the Amazon Small Business Awards 2019!

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