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A Mission For Unimole

Unimole’s creator, Fiona Thomas, discusses a vital, real world, mission for the magical Unimole.

Mission for Unimole - A New Friend - Lifes Little Recipes

Here at Life’s Little Recipes, we believe that Unimole has a mission to fulfil. 

It seems like a strange thing to say of a fictional character. Perhaps many would read it as one of those phrases people say that don’t actually mean anything. But, the thing is, we’re totally serious. 

Unimole’s mission is to work as a wonderful role model for children of all ages. When I created her, I did so with the specific intention of introducing someone who would enable children to understand that they’re ok exactly as they are. They’re good enough, unique and important. I wanted to introduce them to someone who’d increase their self-esteem and show them that they are special. I wanted readers to feel happier about themselves and know that they are both wanted and loved. 

Yes, we’re aware that bringing positivity to millions of young lives is a pretty big task to lay on the shoulders of a very little mole, but we believe in dreaming big. 

For many young people the world isn’t an easy place to be, a fact that hasn’t been helped by the pandemic. Now, more than ever, our children need to know that they are loved, they are wanted and uniquely special. Unimole is an enabler of positive change in children’s lives. Each of the Unimole Tails follows a pattern. She always delivers two vital pieces of information and a physical change. 

  • Firstly, Unimole assures the child that they are special, wanted and loved. These are shown to be immutable facts; not dependent on what the child has done, but a reflection of their inner worth. This positive message is usually in conflict with how the child is currently feeling about themselves. 
  • Secondly, Unimole uses her experience to clarify something that the child is interpreting incorrectly. A misunderstanding can create thoughts which, if left undiscussed, can become much more negative and frightening than the real world issues they supposedly reflect. Talking things through is a great way to resolve these misunderstandings and move on with clarity. That’s why Unimole is a great talker. With kind words, she untangles negative misconceptions. For example, Unimole will emphasise to a child how much, despite what some miscommunication might suggest, a family member really loves and values them.  
  • Finally, a physical change occurs to mirror the newfound relief, happiness and self-esteem that positive communication has released in the child. Somewhere in the story, a magical rainbow appears, as a sign of the hopeful and positive change that can occur in someone’s life as the result of kind, judgement-free interactions.  

We strongly believe in the importance of role modelling positive relationships to children. Relationships are central to a child’s development, happiness and mental well being.  It’s so essential that the relationships children form are free from bullying, pressure and negative judgement. 

Working alongside schools, hospitals, carers, parents, friends and family, we want Unimole to be a tool for all to use in order to encourage positive interactions. The Unimole Tails are designed to allow children to discuss their opinions, feelings and concerns, while simultaneously having their own self-esteem fortified through Unimole’s message that everyone is unique, special and loved. 

Our aim is, through these colourful stories, and other Unimole content that will follow in the coming months, to encourage children to accept themselves as the wonderful individuals they truly are.

Here at Life’s Little Recipes, we’re currently exploring new partnerships with organisations that do so much to help children, our aim is for Unimole content to become a vital resource helping them in their work. 

Unimole is the character we need for these troubling times. At Life’s Little Recipes we’re determined to see her brighten the lives of children everywhere.


Fiona Thomas, founder of Life’s Little Recipes and creator of Unimole.

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