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Unimole Tail Halloween

Life’s Little Recipes celebrates Halloween with a brand new Unimole story.

Fiona Thomas, founder at and creator of Unimole, talks about her love of Halloween and the spooktacular new Unimole Tail heading your way:

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Halloween. 

It’s such a fun time, especially for young families who get so much pleasure from dressing up and playing silly games. When my children were younger we had such a good time improvising costumes made out of old clothes, curtains and far too much of my old makeup. I’m laughing just to think about it, some truly horrible sights! 

As a parent, choosing the ‘right’ costume can be tricky, especially if your kid wants a fancy new outfit that’s out of your budget. It was certainly a problem our family encountered, more than once. Memories of how bad I felt in not always buying the latest outfits for my children led me to think this stressful subject would be rich territory for the latest in our series of Unimole Tails. Each of these bedtime stories features the magical Unimole explaining to children how unique and precious they are, while clarifying the confusions of the adult world. 

In this, our special Halloween edition, a boy called ‘Andrew’ doesn’t get the expensive superhero costume he has his heart set on, ending up with a homemade vampire outfit instead. It takes a Halloween visit from the magical Unimole for him to realise just how lucky he is. 

Here’s an excerpt.    

“Out you come,” said Mum, kindly. 

“I don’t want to,” came the reply. 

“Don’t be silly,” said Mum. “I need to make sure it fits.”

With that, the door opened and Andrew stuck his head out. 

“I don’t want to be a vampire,” said Andrew, with a sigh. 

Andrew stepped into the room, revealing the homemade vampire costume. 

“But a vampire is the perfect outfit for a Halloween party,” said Mum. “You’ve even got a cute little vampire bat bucket to collect sweets.”

“I want to be a superhero,” he said, staring at the floor. 

“I don’t have a superhero costume,” said Mum. “And you look incredible as a vampire!” 

“You do look amazing,” said Dad, cheerfully. “Mum has done some awesome make up – loving the fangs!”

“Fangs? But Dad, you’re a vegetarian!” said Andrew, moodily. 

“Well, this vegetarian likes vampires!” said Dad, chuckling. “You look great.”

“No, I look silly,” was Andrew’s grumpy reply. “Charlie’s mum bought him the latest superhero costume.”

“That’s lovely for Charlie,” said Mum, with a smile. “We can’t afford one of those costumes this year darling, so I made this one. You look lovely as a vampire.”

“I don’t want to look ‘lovely’” shouted Andrew. “I want to fly and battle baddies.”

“Vampires fly, don’t they Dad?” said Mum. 

“They do,” Dad agreed.

“Maybe they do,” said Andrew, with a sigh. “But I want to battle baddies!” 

“You can still battle baddies,” said Dad, kindly. 

“No, I can’t. I AM a baddy! Vampires ARE baddies!”

“Well, maybe you’re a nice vampire.” said Mum. “A friendly vampire that everyone likes.”

“A friendly vampire? There’s no such thing!” cried Andrew, as he ran up the stairs to his bedroom, slamming the door behind him…

Unimole & The Homemade Halloween Costume


To read the rest of our spooktacular Unimole Tail, head to and download it for free. While you’re there you’ll be able to download the rest of the Unimole Tails and our amazing ‘colouring in’ pictures. 

Wishing you all a terrifying Halloween. Have fun and remember… 

…an apple bob a day keeps the ghosts and ghoulies away! 


Fiona Thomas, founder of Life’s Little Recipes and creator of Unimole.

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