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All About Brave

Who are Brave?

Brave is a ‘not for profit organisation’ that aims to support the mental health of parents who have children with complex and additional needs. Brave is completely run by volunteers and all individuals in the business aim to offer emotional support to parents who may need a reminder to take some time for themselves.

Brave send brave parents a free ‘for you’ Brave box to those who have been nominated by friends and family to show that they are thought of and loved for the incredible care and love they give their children. Brave recognise that many parents forget to care for themselves. In working so hard to keep their child well, their own needs come second. Over time not looking after yourself will have an effect on your own physical and mental health and so subsequently and with no fault of anyone’s, there will be an effect on the child. The most important care you can give your child is to focus on your own mental health – this means being kind to yourself.

  How Life’s Little Recipes support Brave
All about Brave and Life's Little Recipes

How Life’s Little Recipes support Brave

The incredible Claire O’Grady, founded Brave after recognising that so many parents with children with complex and additional needs would be suffering in silence like her. She knew that when she took care of her own child she also needed to remember her own very important needs and to take time out for her. In looking after herself, her mental health improved and so did her ability to be present and concentrate on the requirements of her child and her family too. Happy parents mean a happy family!

Brave reached out to Life’s Little Recipes via their #Amazon wishlist respectively hoping for a donation for these amazing Brave boxes! As an organisation that relies on donations, all help from businesses is welcomed and greatly appreciated. Every month, Life’s Little Recipes now share 10 Recipes to be included in the boxes to show support and aid them in continuing this incredibly important cause.

When Fiona set up Life’s Little Recipes, she had an objective of connecting and recognising people and letting them know they’re cared for and someone is thinking of them. The ethos behind Brave and what they do strongly resonated with Fiona.


Fiona, Founder of Life’s Little Recipes says “When Claire got in touch, I immediately saw what a fantastic organisation Brave are and how inspirational and important their work is to parents and their mental health. I knew we had to donate our Recipes as a way to help a little with Claire and her incredible team. I am honoured to be a tiny part of such a great organisation.” 


Life's Little Recipes are proud supporters of Brave

Follow Brave parents on Instagram or Facebook.

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