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Can I use the excuse… I’m too old to learn?!

Who has been looking at new schools, colleges, universities for their children saying things like…. “Wow! It wasn’t like this when I went! You are so lucky!”? Or dropping hints like “I wish I could go! – which result in your teenager giving you that stare you know so well, rolling their eyes and slouching off. All of which give you the feeling that you’re some sort of out of touch weirdo!

But then on the other hand, as children go through school, they do come home with homework that (even in primary school), I had no idea what they were talking about! As parents, we must re-learn things that we’ve been taught before and try to wrack our brains about what it all means. Thank goodness for Google! And of course, we went through school in a time that there was no Google, Wikipedia or vast online resources.

Do we get to a stage when we feel as though we’re too old to learn?

The answer should be – of course not! But in this fast moving digital era, it is difficult to feel as though you’re on the cusp of technology and not just falling behind.

Did you see the wonderful news story about Derek Skipper, the 92 year old gentleman who recently passed his GCSE maths? What a man! He took his glasses and a magnifying glass, rose to the challenge and passed! Derek is such an inspiration and proof we all can learn at any age! If you missed the story, take a look here.

Do we have the luxury of choosing what we learn?

You may think that as we’re no longer in an academic setting as such – our learning is done and what we do next is down to us. But, perhaps not!

I have recently enlisted help from the wonderful marketing agency, Youbee Media. They are encouraging and (trying) to teach me how to use TikTok with a new package they have launched for small businesses. This package is aimed at helping businesses to have the confidence and tools to take the leap and move onto a new social media platform.

Did you know that TikTok has now taken over from TV in the amount of watched time by young adults? Without a doubt, Life’s Little Recipes needs to be on this platform! Although I understand my audience may not directly be the typical ‘TikTok user’, I recognise and appreciate that there could be a whole new audience out there waiting for me to explore. And I’m very excited to take up the challenge.

Running an online business as a technophobe

I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’m a bit of a technophobe. I have an online business that sells on Amazon, Etsy and eBay – as well as my own ecommerce website, yet many things about technology and in particular social media baffles me! But is this an excuse to hang back and stay in my comfort zone? The reality is, I haven’t given myself time to learn and the thought of trying something new is scary. I feel old and safe in the world that I know.


So, this is my new challenge! I’m going to learn all about TikTok and champion this new platform. I need to for the sake of my business but also, I know I’m not too old to learn new things and open the door to new possibilities! I know I’m capable of doing this and this is the new world! I want to know what my children know and love (and are completely absorbed in!) – I want to know their world! Perhaps it will make me feel more comfortable sharing their world and embracing trends with them.

I follow the example of the inspirational role model, our wonderful late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty was so successful in her reign as she was ever growing, learning, embracing, and recognising the world we live in.

If we too want to keep up with the continuous discoveries and advancements of this world, we have to sometimes take ourselves out of our comfort zones!


For information, knowledge and understanding. So that not only we can continue to work, perform, feel involved in the business world, converse with our children but also for the exhilaration that we can, that we can grow and discover and most importantly we are using our potential and we continue to feel alive whatever age we are!

Watch this space… much to my children’s embarrassment… I WILL be on TikTok soon!!

What challenges are you facing in your business? Have you tried something new? I hope that you give yourself enough credit for your progress and growth.

Warmest wishes,


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