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Good Luck for those sitting exams

A note from our Founder, Fiona.

It’s exam season again! I remember it so well! That spring/summer sunshine comes out, it gets warmer, and you just want to spend time relaxing and seeing friends. But no! Inside revising for the dreaded exams! I used to get so worried and often made those silly mistakes but through years of tests and preparation from primary to secondary schools, I passed all my important end of school exams. I worked hard, tried hard and through practice and the teachers support and patience (!) I got there.

So now, my heart goes out to those school children who have lived through the covid times. Goodness knows how I would have coped with such disrupted years with less support, tests, preparation for exams; would I have passed?

The children I know are doing an amazing job of getting on with it. The teachers are, I imagine, feeling desperate for the implications covid and lockdown has had, and are working so hard to get our children through what may be their first ever external examinations!

It is evident that collages, schools, teachers, and teaching assistants have worked so hard at continuing education during the last few years. But, as so many have said before me, this hasn’t equalled the face-to-face support and preparation the teachers can give in class and the ‘real’ conditions required for the stressful exam process. The impact of the disruption is yet to be seen.

So, I wanted to send a huge best of luck message to all students taking exams and we hope all the stars in the universe are shining upon you guiding you on your way.

Similarly, we want to recognise and say thank you to all and every kind of teacher supporting, guiding, and caring for our children. If you’re looking for a super special way to recognise your teacher, take a look at The Little Teacher Recipe. It really is one of our best sellers as it can be really tricky finding the words to thank a special teacher.

Why we created the Good Luck gift bag

The Little Good Luck Recipe - Gift Bag - Lifes Little RecipesLife’s Little Recipes have created the perfect gift and token for almost every occasion. Each ‘recipe’ bag designed to carry a message that we really want to say to a loved one or friend.

If you would like to wish someone ‘Good Luck’ for their exams, upcoming driving test, or in their new home or job, take a look.

Inside the Life’s Little Recipes’ bag, you’ll find:

1 Candle ~ Your bright future.
1 Compass ~ Guiding you on your way.
1 Seed ~ The start of something new.
1 Star ~ Stars are shining on you.
1 Sheep ~ Thinking of ewe!
1 Spoon ~ Mix it all together.


Perhaps time is precious, and you want to get your message to a loved one quickly and in an environmentally friendly way. In which case, our Good Luck E-card is the perfect solution for you. Including all of the same ‘ingredients’ this digital E-card introduces Unimole to your friend or loved one and will let them know how much you’re thinking of them. Just let us know if there’s any special message for your digital gift, and when it should be sent. Then we’ll do the rest!

Good Luck message

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