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Happiness Happens Month

Did you know that August is the month to celebrate ‘Happiness Happens’?

I never knew that in America, there used to be a secret society where genuinely happy people could talk freely about everything that made them happy without worrying about anyone putting them down! Can you believe it? Ironically, I feel sad that happy people had to keep their happiness secret.

I do appreciate however that we all need to be sensitive and empathic to other people’s moods and feelings, but even when someone is feeling sad, angry or unsure of themselves, when we recognise that person and show kindness or understanding of their feelings, it can give them comfort. Empathy, recognition, connection can potentially create feelings of relief as a person then feels they have truly been seen and valued and therefore they’re not alone and this may create even a moment of happiness that they’ve been understood.

Small acts of kindness

I believe it is important to remember that happiness is so subjective, and we must not underestimate the smallest act of kindness and how this could change someone’s day. This was the thought behind Life’s Little Recipes – whether it’s one small thing, or a collection of small things, it can make all the difference. We don’t need to give huge gifts (although I still love them!) to show we care. Over the years, customer have told me how receiving a Life’s Little Recipes thoughtful gift bag can be a magical experience. Not only when they realise that someone has thought of them to send them an unusual present, but upon opening and seeing the sentiments, they create such happy and comforting moments knowing that their friend or loved one is thinking of them.

Similarly, Unimole, through her stories, recognises when children have low self-esteem and just the simple acts of recognition through simple communication and showing caring understanding, can help show that fears do not have to be big and scary and in fact the fears can dissipate. In sending those small bags of thoughtfulness, spending 5 minutes of reading a story together, can really change a day and as my son says, turn a frown upside down! All this is true, but you really don’t need to buy anything (I can hear my marketing friends hold their heads in their hands… I’m not selling my products well!) but I’m right!

Help make happiness happen

I invite you just to smile at someone today, say hello to a neighbour or someone you’re passing as you’re walking your dog… even if it’s stopping to say a real ‘thank you’ to your partner if they’ve made you a cuppa or done something that seems like an everyday chore but helps you out a little bit. I wonder if your heartfelt kindness and gratitude will change someone’s day? Will they walk away a little happier and brighter?

Can I help you to make Happiness Happen? On our website, on Amazon, Etsy and eBay you can buy a  number of Life’s Little Recipes. Whether you want to send a ‘Thinking of You’ gift, celebrate a ‘New Home’ or ‘New Job’ or send a ‘Little Hug’ Recipe – we can help. If you’re not sure which recipes you should send, or want help creating your own, just get in touch. I love chatting to all of my wonderful customers and help them express themselves with our gifts.

Perhaps if we all could do show a little kindness every day, would we all pass on a little bit of happiness and not only for that person but also for you in giving happiness as that surely must mean you’re feeling it too? Happiness Happens would then be a yearlong celebration! Let’s make it happen!

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