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I LOVE weddings!

At Life’s Little Recipes, we make magical little ‘recipe’ bags to send to loved ones for all kinds of occasions. The Little Wedding Recipe is one of our favorites, and here’s why;

Everything about these fabulous occasions, shouts out the ‘why’ behind Life’s Little Recipes!

Of course, they’re all about the LOVE! But I believe they’re more than that! They’re about the recognition of precious bonds in relationships not only about the connection of the couple marrying but the love between the couple and their family and friends celebrating the day with them. It’s about our personal community supporting and witnessing the coming together of two people we love, who will enhance and support not only each other but add to the larger family of who we surround ourselves with.

And let’s face it, it’s also about having a fabulous fun day altogether!

I have to be honest, I absolutely love the wedding dresses/outfits, flowers, music, parties, dancing, food, drink too – should I have been a wedding planner?!

I just love any reason to get together and celebrate love and have fun too!

So we hope if you have those most important nuptials coming up soon, perhaps after a very long delay due to the covid pandemic, it’s now time to look forward to a day of excitement, fun, celebration and to join together with your best friend forever! BFF!

Many congratulations and the warmest of wishes to a life making wonderful memories together <3



Our Little Wedding Recipe is the perfect little gift to share with your loved ones who have their big day coming up. It symbolises the love and happiness you have for them, and is the perfect little sentiment that will always be remembered.

Ingredients include:

1 Heart ~ Love, the essence of the day.
1 Bookmark ~ Marking the next chapter.
1 Knot ~ Tying the knot.
1 Brick ~ Building a new life together.
1 Toy ~ It’s all about the fun!
1 Spoon ~ Mix it all together.

If you are the happy, married couple to be, Life’s Little Recipes also offer our wedding ‘Recipe’ as personalised wedding favours! Get in touch for more details.


Fi x

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