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Introducing Life’s Little Recipes

Hi! We’re Life’s Little Recipes! We’re a growing, family business based in North Devon, UK. The concept behind Life’s Little Recipes was created from an idea of sending or giving a little something to a friend or loved one to let them know that you recognise how special they are and that you’re thinking of them.

Now over to Fiona for more details….

”For 21 years, I worked as a Cancer nurse. I would often see friends and family visit the patients and saw that even the smallest thought or gesture could brighten the patient’s day, even if they were having a tough time. Understandably some people found it hard to show how they felt and make their feelings known that they really did care. As I trained and then became a psychotherapy counsellor, the experience taught me a huge amount about me, about human behaviour and how our communication impacts our relationships with others. I became so aware that recognition and authentic communication is so vitally important for us all.

After changes in my life and health, I realised that I needed to revaluate the way forward and it was at this time that a friend recognised how a business idea I had would work and how she knew I could run it from home! Life’s Little Recipes began!

Life’s Little Recipes now has over 34 ‘Recipe’ bags which include six ‘ingredients’ or keepsakes each with it’s own sentiment which is described in an attached ‘Recipe’ card! The current ‘Recipes’ include everything from birthday, divorce, get well, friendship, hug and a heartfelt apology, among others!

We have worked hard to source products, the majority from the UK, that can be kept and treasured as a reminder to that person that someone cares and is thinking of them!

Thoughtfulness, kindness and the ability to see and recognise someone else can brighten a day. Allowing someone to feel seen, cared for and loved can change how they are in this world. Life’s Little Recipes wants to support and promote positive mental feel-good health!

The most important people behind Life’s Little Recipes!

We have a wonderful team who I rely on daily and who have and still are making Life’s Little Recipes flourish and I’m lucky to call them all my friends! They’re all going to get a shout out even if they don’t like it!!!!

Steve (husband – has gone from providing support and reassurance to more recently taking a more active role in the business, helping with stock control, marketing and business growth!) Rachel, and Calum and Harry too (for believing in LLR and me right from the start), Mum and Dad (for being a constant support and source of strength), Fiona and Steve’s two children, Will and Molly (for being you, inspiration and IT and social media support), Katie (my niece, the first marketing intern at LLR), Ruth (for her amazing book keeping skills, advice and being such an ‘old’ friend from secondary school), Samantha (for filling our ‘Recipes’ with ingredients and love, sounding board and jollying me along), Hannah, Amelia and Carole (beautifully preparing the ingredients) Julie and Steve (for always encouraging and providing sound business advice any time of the day and supplying some awesome ingredients), Mark (IT support and even ‘older’ friend from primary school!!!) and Laura (for patiently starting me off on an Xcel stock spreadsheet again and again!), YouBee Media (fabulous marketing), Pushed (magical animation and feeder of imagination), Chris McGuire (creative inspiration and beautiful writing) and Web Design and SEO Company (for this incredible website) Thank you too to all my amazing suppliers (Ben, Daisy, Kevin & Tania, Andy) and other companies that keep me safe and sound! All of you have been critical in the ongoing success of the business – thank you so much!

Introducing Lifes Little Recipes - Creating recipe bags - Life's Little Recipes
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