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Our Recipe for a New Website

Welcome to our new Website-Recipe bags-Life's Little Recipes

We are so pleased to welcome you to our new website and look forward to you finding out more about our range of sentimental gift recipe bags. On our website, you can not only view our ever-expanding range of gifts but discover more about how we can help your gifting! Below we will run through some of the features and sections that you will find and explain a little about them.

About our gift recipes.

If you are visiting for the first time, we would love to tell you all about our unique recipe gift bags, and how they can help you to express your feelings. Each recipe bag has six unique items inside, each with its own sentimental meaning. All of our little ‘ingredients’ have their own sentimental meaning, which is included in the attached ‘recipe’ card. With more and more recipes being added, you are sure to find one that matches your reasons for sending and put across your feelings and emotions in a fun way.

Our new website has been designed to make it even easier to find a sentimental gift or recipe, with easy to find categories. So, whether you are looking for a thoughtful birthday gift or a little something to let someone know how much you care, we hope it will be a fun and enjoyable process. After all, why should the gift receiver have all the fun!

We have also added some new product categories for you to choose from, including E-cards, for Him and Her. We do hope that you find a certain something for all your celebratory or thoughtful needs here. Our E-cards offer a truly thoughtful gifting opportunity, something that is become extremely rare with so many faceless online companies that can be found online.

Alongside our gift recipes and gifts, you will be able to find out answers to any common questions you may have on our frequently asked questions page and delivery page.

If you have ordered for the first time on our website, we have included a reviews page to show you what our past customers think of our recipes and services. We receive such wonderful feedback we thought it only fair to show and assure you that you are in very safe hands when choosing Life’s Little Recipes!

Welcome to our new website- Screenshot-Life's Little Recipes

Order your gift with ease.

Our new website allows you to customise your order very easily, by adding a personal message which will be handwritten and sent along with your order. In addition to this you can also easily add luxury gift wrapping with the touch of a button, giving an extra level of thoughtfulness and surprise to your gift.

Your turn to look around!

Welcome to our new website-Tablet and gift - Life's Little Recipes (1)

We have given you a small taster of our new website, now it’s your turn to discover your own life’s little recipe for whatever occasion you need. We do hope that you are just as impressed as us with our new website, and equally impressed with our gifts!

Stay in Touch!

If you would like to keep up to date with us, why not join us on our social media channels?  You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and more.

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