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Wedding Gifts

Our little Wedding gifts wrap your loved ones in warmth and comfort to show that you’re thinking of them and want to celebrate their big day with them.

These small unusual gifts are bursting with sentiment and fun with their 6 thoughtful pocket keepsakes and messages all in the attached card.

Sending these thoughtful Wedding gifts in the post can send that magical feeling so when they receive it, they know they’re truly valued and you’re supporting them in this very special event!

Something a little different and an alternative to the regular wedding card with the added bonus of being, almost, a hug in a bag!

If you are planning a large wedding with over 150 guests, we can personalise the bags for memorable wedding favours for your guests – click the ‘Bespoke tab’ to see details of our Bespoke products.

All orders include FREE 2nd class postage

The bags measure approximately 12cm x 13cm x 2.5cm.

Please Note: Exact colours of contents may vary.




All of our products are also available on our Amazon Store.

Available at Amazon - Lifes Little Recipes

What’s inside our Wedding Gifts:

  • 1 x Heart (wooden hanging heart) ~ Love, the essence of the day.
  • 1 x Bookmark (ribboned wooden bookmark) ~ Marking the next chapter.
  • 1 x Knot (silver metal knot) ~ Tying the knot.
  • 1 x Toy (plastic animal finger puppet) ~ It’s all about the fun!
  • 1 x Brick (coloured wood) ~ Building a new life together.
  • 1 x Spoon (wooden) ~ Mix it all together.

With love x




All orders include free second class postage. Or you can upgrade to first class post for just £1.50.

We wrap all bags in black tissue paper before shipping. Or you can choose to have yours gift wrapped in a black presentation box and tied with white ribbon for just £2!

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