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Unimole Tails Complete set


Enjoy the full collection of Unimole Tails.

These delightful short stories or ‘Unimole Tails’ can be enjoyed with all children. Snuggle up, take 5 minutes and read together all about how Unimole a tiny mole with a huge heart magically appears when a child needs a reminder that they’re special and loved. A little gentle reassurance to calm those fears, nerves and what may be overwhelming self doubts, Unimole helps restore a child’s self-esteem.  From a fountain of sparkly, colourful, beans and the most delicious smell of candy floss, a tiny, extra shiny, velvety-soft mole emerges to spread happiness, connection and closeness.

Volume 1 includes:

  • Unimole & The Lost & Found Backpack
  • Unimole & The Football Match

Volume 2 includes:

  • Unimole & The Homemade Halloween Costume
  • Unimole & The Christmas Play

Volume 3 includes:

  • Unimole & The First Day Of School
  • Unimole & The Ballet Boy

Volume 4 includes:

  • Unimole & The Football Match
  • Unimole & Eleanor’s Incredibly Itchy Leg Cast

*Unimole plush sold separately

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