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The Benefits of Reading and Talking to Children

There’s nothing better than a bedtime story – snuggling up together to read before going to dreamland! Reading and talking to children is not only fun, it’s also vital for their development. It’s so relaxing and detaches us from the hustle and bustle of our thoughts. Taking 5 minutes to read a story anytime to a child is so important, so I hope you have the opportunity to read and, I hope you enjoy Unimole’s Tails. In fact, everything Unimole wants to help a child with; building self-esteem, giving comfort, reassurance, confidence, security, happiness and fun is everything the National Literacy Trust are advocating too! Reading and spending precious time together is so healthy and developmentally necessary.

Here’s a little snippet from one of our wonderful Unimole Tails…

There, amongst all her most treasured possessions, was something new: a cuddly Unimole, with a heart shaped nose and a rainbow striped horn – just like the real thing. 

Her tears forgotten, Jennifer smiled and hugged the toy. 

“What’s that?” Mum asked.

“It’s a Unimole,” said Jennifer. “The real Unimole is magical, she told me I was ‘wonderful’ and that you love me lots!”

Mum bent down and looked into Jennifer’s eyes. 

“It sounds to me that this ‘Unimole’ knows what she’s talking about. You are WONDERFUL Jennifer, the most precious thing to me in the entire world. I’m sorry I sometimes get so busy with work that I forget to tell you.”

With that, Mum gave Jennifer the biggest of big hugs. 

Uncover the magic of Unimole

We would love you to find out about Unimole’s magic and her reassuring ways of communicating with children. Visit to find colouring in sheets, our snuggly Unimole soft toy, books and more.

Keep growing the imagination of our little ones

Talking (yes, simply talking to our children) and using all sorts of words are fabulous building blocks for a child’s development. Chatting about what you’re up to, what you are cooking, what you’re popping in the shopping basket, talking about your pets, what you can see in the garden or on walks, is all fabulous. If you can can chat together and grow a child’s vocabulary and understanding, this will significantly develop a child’s pre-school literacy.

It’s so encouraging and wonderful to know that we all can have such a positive, significant influence on our children’s education and growth by very simply talking and reading to our children.

And to be honest, my personal feeling is this learning and development never ends! I do know I love to waffle and chat (any of you who have met me will know this by now!) but in doing so I have learnt amazing things from you all I had no idea about! I just hope I’m giving to others too through all my nattering about goodness knows what!

Please have a little read of It’s a wonderful new site giving tips and advice for parents and carers with young children under five.

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