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The Wonderful Work of Brave

I wanted to share something with you. 

Recently, my teenage daughter seriously injured her knee. She’ll recover, but it’s been quite a ‘journey’. Not only is she in pain from the knee, there’s also the huge amount of strain the rest of her body must absorb, due to being in a splint and then on crutches for weeks. It’s been so hard for her missing school, friends, hobbies, taking meds (and dealing with the complications of those meds), back ache, headaches, tummy aches due to pulling herself around on crutches, not sleeping well and then the rehab pain too! 

The truth is, it’s not just our daughter who’s been affected. In many ways, my husband and I feel like we’ve regressed back to toddler days. Now, as then, we have to do most things for her. We don’t mind, as all our focus is on her recovery. But I can only imagine how hard it must be to permanently have your waking hours dominated by your child’s medical needs. 

This period has been a real learning experience. I’m suddenly aware that, in my life up until now, I had no real idea of how hard it is to live with a disability. I thought I had appreciation and empathy for anyone in this situation, but I now realise I didn’t have a true understanding of what families go through. 

If your child has complex medical needs that you must deal with, day in and day out, I want you to know I think you’re amazing. Yes, you do what you do for the love of your child, but I still think you’re incredible. 

Life’s Little Recipes and Brave

Brave ParentsLong before my daughter’s accident, Life’s Little Recipes began supporting Brave, a not for profit organisation, set up by the wonderful Claire O’Grady. Brave supports the mental health of parents, whose entire focus is occupied by the complex needs of their children, by sending self-care boxes filled with (much needed) treats. Back when we got involved with the organisation, I thought Brave  was a fabulous idea. Today, my appreciation of the work Brave does has grown one hundred-fold.

I know we are blessed. 

My daughter will get better. 

Unfortunately many families cannot say the same thing. I feel so lucky that, through Life’s Little Recipes, we are able to support the hugely important work of Brave. Each month, we send a supply of little gift bags to use in their boxes. We also give 5% of profits from our E-cards to the organisation. 

If you’d like to support Brave, here’s a link to their Amazon Wishlist – filled with practical items to help these heroic parents look after their wonderful children.

Take care x


Fiona Thomas, founder of Life’s Little Recipes and creator of Unimole.

All About Brave - Supporter of Organisation - Life's Little Recipes

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