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Tough Times, Resilience and New Starts: A message of Hope

August can be a rollercoaster month of emotions!

As well as being the month of ‘Happiness Happens’, there can be excitement for summer holidays, change in routine for parents and carers and then there are many people who are carrying the burden of uncertainty as they wait for exam results which will determine their future. As we muddle through life experiencing things for the first time, overcoming challenges and growing – what lessons do you take away with you?

Good luck for exam results

Sometimes those exam results cause a juddering jolt in our plans and decisions must be made and directions changed. It can feel like the weight of the world is upon those shoulders. Yet new starts, expected or not, are new beginnings – could these be exciting? There is no set path that we must take. New routes are constantly being forged for us all and it’s how we pack our rucksacks full of our learning and experience and use it to help us with travelling the road.

I appreciate how hard and devastating change can be as my life took a sharp corner and threw me off my direction. I was very happy as a psychotherapy counsellor, but life unexpectedly threw me a curve ball and I had to re-evaluate my future. It was all so uncertain and scary too but that’s when I took the leap and decided to run my own business, Life’s Little Recipes.

Now, Life’s Little Recipes is a successful online business and I have been asked to speak to young adults about their career aspirations and the many opportunities life can present. Never would I imagine that I would be here now.

‘By possessing the strength of resilience, you will have the ability to keep your head up in the face of adversity and never give up on your dreams.’ Marisa Peer (March 2022 – The Power of Resilience: How to Develop Your Inner Strength)

So whatever exam results you receive in August, celebrate, cry, be happy, devastated and then reflect, learn, and take a new step forward. We would like to say to you, as The Little New Start Recipe states….

“Mooving on” to “a new beginning” whatever that may be and with our “heartfelt wishes” look forward to the “hope and promise of new things” ahead of you and most importantly, enjoy “the thrill of a new journey.”

Looking for new starts

Although hardships, disappointments, and rejection can be sad, or embarrassing, it’s often through these hard times that we learn and grow. Instead of perhaps denying and turning away from these difficult and tricky experiences so we don’t have to remember and experience those emotions again, if we can reflect and make decisions to understand and perhaps change the way we do something, then the emotional resilience will develop in a positive way.

Let’s not deny or reject what’s happened, (although that maybe easier and the more attractive option!), let’s embrace it.

A new start could be moving to an area somewhere new, perhaps for a new job, school or a fresh start. Perhaps you’ll find The Little New Home Recipe can help you prepare for this new chapter. As our recipe says, ‘home is where the heart is’.

Hopeful new beginnings

Often, it’s the young and innocent that allow us to enjoy the possibilities of a new start. If someone near you is celebrating or looking forward to welcoming a new baby, take a look at our The Little New Baby Recipe.

The Little New Baby Recipe is the perfect, thoughtful, loving and fun, unique gift or token, to recognise and celebrate a new daughter or son for a new parent or parents, Mummy or/and Daddy’s, wonderful baby girl or boy’s very special birth day and welcome them to the world!

There are only a couple of ingredients we all need for a happy life. When you strip everything else away, everyone wants to be loved and they want to be recognised for who they are. Life’s Little Recipes are on a mission to help others with their communication, recognition and to be kind.

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