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Unimole & the E-card revolution

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Fiona Thomas, founder at and creator of Unimole, discusses how Unimole is helping her to expand her technological horizons:

Are you tech savvy?

I’m really not a ‘techy’ person, which is ironic because, at the end of the day, I run an online business. That said, my relative lack of computer skills doesn’t worry me. 


I believe in playing to your strengths and letting others play to theirs. So, I surround myself with people who have expertise in the fields where I need the most support. 

That’s why, despite my personal lack of tech know-how, we’re getting very excited about E-cards here at Life’s Little Recipes. In fact, you might say that Unimole is leading an E-card revolution. Don’t worry if (like me a year ago) you’ve no idea what an E-card is, here’s my jargon-free guide. 

What is an E-card anyway?

  1. E-cards, like traditional greetings cards, are something you send to others in order to mark special occasions like birthdays & Christmas or simply to remind them that they’re in your thoughts. 
  2. Unlike traditional greetings cards there are no stamps, envelopes or pens involved. All of the creation and delivery of the E-card is done using computers and the internet. 
  3. It only takes a few moments to fill in and send an E-card, which when you’re up against it timewise at Christmas time is such a help! I don’t know about you, but (with conventional cards) I often spend hours writing out addresses on envelopes!
  4. Don’t worry, lightening the load in your postie’s bag doesn’t mean that you have to give up the creativity you’d associate with sending a traditional greetings card – far from it. 
  5. E-cards can be personalised in many different ways, making them as creative as you’d wish. 
  6. Life’s Little Recipes’ range of E-cards is something rather wonderful. They’re eye-catching musical animations, starring the one and only Unimole, that incorporate unique messages from you (the sender) to your chosen recipient. 
  7. When the recipient opens their email and watches the E-card, a riot of colour and fun fills their computer screen. It’s a personalised treat they can save and watch as many times as they like. 
  8. Yes, traditional greetings cards have their charm, but they fill up the recycling bin once the occasion is over. Whereas E-cards are a unique experience the recipient will treasure and take up no physical space at all! 

So, that’s what an E-card is. 

When I first discovered that E-cards were a ‘thing’, I was captivated by this totally new way of sharing moments with those we love; no matter where on the planet they happen to be. Suddenly, instead of waiting 10 days or more to send a greetings card to the other side of the world, E-cards can be there within a day! 

Here at Life’s Little Recipes, we’re thrilled to be part of the E-card revolution. Alongside the amazing animation team at Pushed, we’re creating an ever-growing library of personalizable E-cards, starring the one and only Unimole. I know I’m probably biased, but I think they’re amazing. Back when I first created Unimole, I had no clue about the adventures she’d take me on. I certainly had no idea that together we’d be pushing the frontiers of how we, as a society, mark special moments with those we love. I know that Unimole is excited by what we’re doing together too!

I’ll never cease to feel so thrilled by the way our E-cards create memorable moments, sentimental experiences that allow people to recognise each other and connect, no matter how far apart they are. Our E-cards really can brighten someone’s day!

So that’s E-cards, they’re ridiculously easy to create, just go to and have a go. Remember, as I said before, I have no tech know-how and I found sending our E-cards an absolute doddle. Not only that, if you switch to E-cards, you’ll never worry about running out of stamps again.  


Fiona Thomas, founder of Life’s Little Recipes and creator of Unimole.

P.S. Remember, if you have any difficulties in ordering your E-card, the Life’s Little Recipes team is always there to help!

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